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  • Easily reward and incentivise users
  • Bring value to your users’ lives
  • Easy-to-use web and app platform
  • Seamless shopping experience

Why Businesses Choose GIFTA

The quick, easy and convenient way to reward and incentivise employees and customers.

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  • Ready-to-launch

    Easily deployed white-labelled managed software.

  • Customisation

    Personalise with your own logo, banner and products.

  • Discounts & deals

    Constantly updated catalog with the best offerings.

  • GIFTA Corporate Portal

    Easily manage your benefits users and portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • How do I buy and send a digital gift cards online?

    Sending a digital gift cards online takes just a few seconds! Here’s how:

    1. Visit our gift card shop and choose your gift card.
    2. Select your custom value and enter the recipient’s details.
    3. Choose to Send Now for instant delivery or Send Later to schedule the gift card to be sent at a later date.
    4. Add a personalised message or you can upload or record a video message!
    5. Enter your details so your recipient knows who to thank for the gift card.
    6. Checkout with our secure online payment methods.

    Click here to buy a gift card online.

  • How do I bulk order and send corporate gift cards online?

    Sending corporate gift cards online is easy.

    1. Create an instant corporate account.
    2. Choose your custom branded gift card and select your gift card value.
    3. Upload a csv of your recipients’ details.
    4. Choose to Send Now for instant delivery or Send Later to schedule the gift card to be sent at a later date.
    5. Add a personalised message or you can upload or record a video message!

    Visit our Corporate Enquiries page to learn more about our corporate gift card solutions.

  • How can I redeem my gift card?

    You can redeem your digital gift cards in-store by simply scanning the barcode provided.

    To redeem your gift card online, enter the unique card number provided on your gift card.

  • What is a GIFTA card?

    GIFTA Digital Gift cards and Corporate gift cards available online in Australia. A GIFTA card is the ultimate swap gift cards that holds endless possibilities. The perfect gift for anyone!

    It gives the recipient the freedom to swap it with one or more partnered brands of their choice. When receiving a GIFTA card, the recipient will be redirected online to browse and choose from over 100 brands.

    Buy digital gift cards or corporate gift cards online.

    Buy a GIFTA card today.

  • How do I swap my GIFTA card?

    Click ’redeem’ in your email, or tap the link sent via text message from GIFTA. You will then receive a 6-digit code via text message for verification before being redirected online.

    You can choose to:

    1. Swap your card value for a retailer card of equal value or,
    2. Swap for multiple retailer cards up to your card value

    You can then confirm your order to receive your new gift card/s.

    Buy digital gift cards

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