We’re here to enhance your employee and member experience.

GIFTA Benefits was built on three key pillars: To improve the user experience, provide financial value and support, and promote health and wellbeing.

We’re dedicated to providing your organisation with a benefits program suited to your needs, that your employees and members will love.

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Our Story

Melbourne born and bred, GIFTA started out as a digital gift card platform. Our roots in technology and software development paired with our desire to constantly innovate and bring our users the best experience resulted in the GIFTA we know today!

Now, we run Rewards, Recognition and Benefit programs for some of the biggest organisations in Australia. We look forward to supporting you in your mission to bring the best benefits and experiences to your employees and members.

The GIFTA Card

Thousands of choices at your fingertips for you to enjoy the most epic experiences of a lifetime.

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  • Ragged Edge - 4x4 Driving
  • Aerobactic Flight
  • Hot Air Ballon Ride
  • Indoor Skydiving

GIFTA Corporate

Custom branded digital and physical gift cards to truly reward, incentivise and excite your customers and employees.

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How businesses use GIFTA

GIFTAEmployee & Member Benefits

Provide an enhanced experience, financial support and promote health and wellbeing to your staff and members.

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