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Ways to help women feel celebrated in the workplace this International Women's Day

All of our favorite ways to honor women are at work this International Women\'s Day. At GIFTA, our corporate branded gift cards are ready to embrace equity.

All of our favorite ways to honor women are at work this International Women\'s Day. At GIFTA, our corporate branded gift cards are ready to embrace equity.

Our times have seen some extraordinary women leaders: Melanie Perkins (to start with a local one), Jacinda Arden, and Kamala Harris – all of whom have made inspiring contributions that have quite literally shaped the world we know now and empowered other women in ways that will shape the future yet to come.

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March yearly and is a global day dedicated to the dreams of a biased, stereotype-free world, celebrating the value of diversity and the wins of women. The annual theme for 2023 is #EmbraceEquity, advocating for an equitable world that’s inclusive and celebratory of all.

Companies and global organisations play a big part in paving the way toward breaking the bias and providing opportunities for an inclusive society, and the same goes for being trailblazers in upholding the accomplishments of women. Recognising the achievements of your team members is important to do on any given day, but when it’s International Women’s Day, you know you have to pull out the big cards to honour every woman on the team for the hard work and passion they pour into your company daily. Advocating a day that marks the call for a gender-equal world and women’s rights in every sense (cultural, political, professional), is an important effort to take.

In this article, we walk through some of the top ways for you to honour the women in your life this ideas for International Women’s Day.

    1. Host a panel or attend one (virtual or in-person)

Seeing is believing, and there is power in seeing the success stories of powerful women figures in the industry play out. Listening to the experiences of someone who’s walked the same road and has gathered years of wisdom and advice under their belt is an easy way to garner information and feel understood and supported within a community.

Watching others overcome similar obstacles and achieve their vision is key to growing your team as a group of strong, empowered women, with the belief that the world is their oyster.

    2. Women’s Lunch Out

There’s nothing like gathering the women in your company and traipsing from the office heading for a Women’s Day lunch or tea break. Encouraging and empowering other women to share stories, celebrate successes, and bond over common struggles is a great way to both love on each individual in your team, and inspire growth together as a collective whole.

    3. Host a themed event

  • Women's history trivia night, film screening, or inspirational workshops are all ideas of fun but meaningful events that will both engage and educate your team to raise awareness against bias and celebrate gender equality. Make a night out of it with a round of drinks, tapas, and good ol’ team bonding. For a cute love gift, GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards are perfect to cap off the night with, offering access to hundreds of Aussie’s favourite retailers all packaged in a personalised Internation Women’s Day design.
  • For more office-friendly ideas, consider creating an international women’s day bingo, catering a personalised afternoon tea spread, or hosting a women’s history lunch and learn session.

    4. Support women-run businesses

arness this opportunity to take your support to businesses that are owned or operated by women leaders. Being deliberate with your choices can go a long way whether you’re planning to shop for jewellery, a new gym fit, or head for a celebratory dinner. With GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards, you get your pick of brands that empower women: from Lorna Jane’s fitspo clothing to Mimco’s cross-body bags and accessories, take your pick and peruse through all our top retailer options for the perfect fit.

Health and wellness brands that empower women’s fitness include endota spa, adrenaline and more. Gift your team members an intentional dinner out with a Gourmet Good Food corporate prepaid card that’s got over 300 restaurants for them to take their pick (bonus points if they find an empowered women’s-run nook and have a ladies night out to mark the day!).

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