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Valentine's Gift Ideas for Impossible-To-Shop-For

Valentine’s Day gift cards got a whole lot better with GIFTA. Make it a special fully customisable V-Day gift complete with a message and video greeting.

Valentine’s Day gift cards got a whole lot better with GIFTA. Make it a special fully customisable V-Day gift complete with a message and video greeting.

Whether you’re a staunch believer in the holiday for lovers or you’re in the camp that believes the day is much ado about nothing, either way, Valentine’s Day is always a nice excuse to take some time out and appreciate your loved ones for all they do. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a long-term partner of 10 years, a budding relationship that’s just starting out, or if you’re shopping around for something to love on a family member, we all know those people that seem to have everything (and who are subsequently impossible to shop for). When you’re looking for something that’s flexible, meaningful, and heartfelt this Feb 14, think Valentine’s Day digital gift cards.

It’s got to be time to leave the notion that digital gift cards are impersonal in the past, right? The perfect gift for showing someone you care, send a bespoke customised gift card complete with a video greeting and message. What can gift cards do? Here’s the best part: they’re completely flexible so they can pretty much be anything you’d want them to be.

Valentine's Day Gift Cards

5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (for every budget) for the Partner That “Has Everything”:

  • Pamper them with what they deserve: a spa day out on the town - There’s nothing better than a romantic couple’s spa getaway – not only do you pamper your S.O with a stress-releasing sesh, you get one too. If booking a fancy spa resort is too out of pocket, you could reserve a personal session with a home-masseuse and bring the spa to you. Looking for something that’s more flexible and works with your partner’s timing? Surprise them with a GIFTA health & wellness digital gift card that grants access to various spa and wellness brands including the likes of Endota Spa, so they can pamper themselves any day they want.
  • Food is always a good idea. Good food with a fancy/personal touch? Even better – There’s a reason why a box of chocolates is the classic Valentine’s Day rom-com gift, and that’s because everyone knows food is the way to a person’s heart. Personalise your food gifts with a touch of something special that your partner loves (think fried chicken bouquets for lovers of crispy chooks or a gift basket heaping with all their favourite snacks and drinks) and we guarantee you they’ll fall a little more in love with you. For something a little dressier and fancier, take them out to a traditional dinner date at a restaurant that’s your special spot or treat them to fancy fine-dining. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s perpetually indecisive, GIFTA’s Good Food digital gift card makes the perfect option with brands like UberEats, GOURMET, and even Woolies. Crafting your perfect dinner? Romance isn’t dead.

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Valentine's Day Good Food Gift Ideas for Every Budget

  • A little vacay never hurt anyone - Travelling doesn’t have to mean jet-setting off to Greece - though we can all dream. Plan a trip to a neighbouring country or even a day trip to a local destination and make a day (or two) of it. Plan a road trip itinerary filled with fun activities you’ve always wanted to do and places you’ve wanted to see. The best part is: whether it’s pricey or not is totally up to you. GIFTA’s Travel & Adventure card lets you pick your own adventures and plan your own memorable day-outs with brands like Adrenaline, Redballoon, and even Webjet.
  • Life’s all about the memories, let’s make some at live shows and concerts – Sometimes all it takes is doing something a little out of the ordinary to make memories. Take your partner to a drive-in cinema and open the back of your car, pull out the blankets and popcorn for a romantic night out. Live shows and concerts are another great Valentine’s date idea, and if you’re not looking to shell out money for a headlining act show your partner loves (or if there aren’t any at the time), you’ll be glad to know Melbourne is a city rife with live performances and jazz bars on any given day, so drop in to a band room for a great dinner and show. GIFTA’s Entertainment digital gift card gives your loved ones the choice of concert tickets from Ticketmaster, movies at HOYTS, or a good’ ol picnic and reading with Dymocks.
  • Shopping therapy makes a happy soul  – Bringing your partner on a shopping spree can be a lot more fun (for both parties) than you think. Pick out clothes for each other, do a wacky outfit catwalk and stop for a high-tea break. Take it a step further and bring them to a thrift store and make a challenge out of thrifting the best outfits on a budget. With GIFTA, a single digital gift card unlocks access to hundreds of brands across Australia from The Iconic and Amazon to Kathmandu and Myers.
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GIFTA: Effortlessly Bespoke Valentine's Day Digital Gift Cards.

Valentine’s Day gift cards got a whole lot better with GIFTA. GIFTA’s swap cards allow your partner to pick from any brand within the category (we’ve got categories like Health & Wellness, Fashion & Beauty, and Entertainment) so you can be sure there’s something available for anyone you shop for. Our ultimate swap card unlocks any brand across any category, so if you don't want to pick - you don’t have to.

Make it a special fully customisable V-Day gift complete with a message and video greeting. With guaranteed instant delivery, you’ll never have to worry about tracking or shipping, and whether it’ll get here on time. Send your digital gift cards Australia-wide with a single click in no time at all. Visit our Shop page today to start prepping for the big day, and if you’ve got any questions get in touch with us here and we’ll help sort you out!

Valentine's Day Digital Gift Cards

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