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Unique Easter Gift Ideas for All Age Groups

Easter is a celebration of renewal, and the excitement of welcoming something new is a universal feeling we all share.

Easter is a celebration of renewal, and the excitement of welcoming something new is a universal feeling we all share.

Easter is a celebration of renewal, and the excitement of welcoming something new is a universal feeling we all share. Yet, it can feel rather mundane to get chocolate eggs every year during this holiday season, doesn't it? When you already know what you’re getting, the excitement sort of withers a little, and it doesn’t quite fit the whole ‘renewal’ theme.

We are not suggesting to drop the chocolate eggs; because traditions do hold a sentimental value, and nobody says no to chocolates. However, we are suggesting to go beyond the traditions when it comes to Easter gifting to spice things up a little and reignite that spark of excitement during this meaningful holiday.

Plus, we believe the happiness of seeing the faces of your loved ones lighting up when they receive something unexpected and thoughtful is also a universal feeling we all share. So let’s hop (get it?) right into some alternative Easter gifts for people of every age group!

1. Easter Gifts for Kids

Kids are the best age group to buy presents for: they’re happy with anything and they look adorable in anything. If you’re racking your brains trying to think of Easter gifts for babies and toddlers, consider bunny onesies - they easily elevate their cuteness. Plus, with winter coming around, they get to be nicely snuggled up while being on theme during your dinner gatherings. Imagine those floppy ears and cotton ball tails crawling around the house, we are already swooning as we write.

If onesies are too much for the parents’ liking, but you are into the idea of getting cute easter gifts, accessories like bunny beanies and headbands are good options too!


For kids who have learned how to walk steadily, fuzzy bunny slippers make for unique toddler easter gifts as well. Accessories are also more timeless and last longer as babies outgrow clothing sizes pretty quickly.

Thinking of Easter gifts for boys and girls who seem to have unlimited energy? Pogo sticks are a whole lot of fun: tell the kids that they get to be the bunny this Easter, and let them go wild with the new toy. If you have a big family with several kids of the same age, you can even have a little competitive game to see who hops the longest or fastest.

Of course, be sure to supervise them and do the necessary precautions! We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt during joyous occasions. At the end of the day, the kids get a core memory created, and after tiring out the hyperactive kids, the parents get a good nights’ sleep for the first time in a while. Come to think about it, pogo sticks are easily the best Easter gifts as they reward both the kids and the parents. 

If your family prefers to stay in and chill, a good alternative would be edible paints. We know how kids tend to put everything in their mouths, to avoid the stress of monitoring them every second, edible paints are the way to go. It would be a nice, wholesome family time getting artsy as you paint white chocolate eggs, fondant cakes, and other food canvases together.

If you’re spoilt for choices and cannot make a decision, you can choose to buy gift cards online tailored for kids and babies, such as this Kids & Baby Digital Gift Card that gives you access to all the parent-approved brands across Australia!

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2. Easter Gifts for Teens

Gifting teenagers can be a little tricky - they’re still getting to know themselves and discovering their personal tastes; and it doesn’t help that there are now so many platforms for them to take style inspirations from. One day they’re into cottagecore, and the next day dark academia seems to look more appealing.

That being said, it is to the gifter’s advantage when teenagers have such ever-changing aesthetics! This would be a good opportunity to get them some novelty items to further broaden their tastes and introduce them to some nicher styles. We are celebrating a season of renewal, after all.

For decor items, bunny night lamps can add a touch of character and spruce up their rooms compared to the regular table lamp.


If your teenager happens to be into technology, customized bunny or carrot keycaps might just be able to cover the practicality and novelty aspects of the gift while still staying on theme.

For teenage girls who are into fashion, themed accessories would make good unique Easter gifts for her to experiment with more styles and looks.

If your teenager prefers activities instead of items, how about a themed 1000-piece puzzle? It would be a good way to introduce them to new hobbies when they are still discovering themselves; plus, it helps with strengthening their attention spans which have been shortened by the increasing number of bite-sized media available lately.

To make it more unique, you can also get a custom jigsaw puzzle made, such as a meaningful photograph or an art piece done by your recipient to show that you pay attention to their interests. It doesn’t even have to be jigsaw puzzles! If your teenage boy has a knack for building things, 3D puzzles or any other forms of crafty building kits would make fantastic Easter gifts for him.

Niche and novelty items can be quite hard to source, and if you’re set on getting something that your teenager will like, why not consider an electronic gift card that is usable for worldwide shopping platforms? From Amazon corporate gift cards that are swappable for other sites such as ebaY.

To learn more about our gifting ideas, click here! Creative Ways to Promote Your Business During Easter

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3. Easter Gifts for Adults

The term ‘adults’ covers a much wider range, so let us break it down to three categories: young adults (20s-30s), mid-adults (30s-50s), and seniors (50s and above). 

Young adults who are just getting settled into new living spaces would appreciate household items - typically something they would not get for themselves as they are not a necessity.

So think creative salt and pepper shakers (better if they’re Easter themed), egg timers (now that, is effortlessly on-theme), cute rugs, or even a unique egg rack holder (we like this one from ebay) so they can look forward to waking up and making breakfast every day. Especially if your young adult friends are homebodies, these would make really thoughtful Easter gifts for men and women alike.

Adults past their 30s would usually care for experiences instead of tangible items. A short getaway to the suburbs or farms brings a breath of fresh air (literally, too) to your usual gift items. Nature spots like sandy beaches, lush mountains, and vast open plains do wonders to the soul, and living in a continent so big means you have a wider array of choices to pick from as one of the best easter gifts in Australia.

Short vacations like these would make good Easter gifts for teachers, too. They would appreciate a little breather from handling a classroom equivalent of your relatives, that’s like hosting an Easter dinner for three families all year round.

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If you cannot decide on time for Easter, GIFTA offers a Travel & Adventure Digital Gift Card that is swappable with tons of accommodation, flight, and travel packages; so you can buy first, and plan later.

GIFTA allows you to send gift cards online so that you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping time either.Perhaps your parents prefer something more hands-on, well, fun workshops are aplenty! You can bring them to chocolate-making workshops for more artisanal chocolate eggs this year, or a mosaic lamp workshop for a new piece of home decor to show off during your next Easter gathering; to make things easier, you can even purchase gift cards online that allow your recipients to browse and choose the workshop to their liking, such as this Global Experience Card.

As for our dear seniors, a beautifully designed glasses holder would be perfect for them to store their reading glasses, and plus it doubles up as a house decor! If you have seniors who appreciate intellectual presents, there are also online gift cards available that offer access to physical and digital books alike.

Easter Gifting at the Office

Easter is a good time to spread joy and love at the workplace. You could be an employee looking to show appreciation to your boss, or a manager wanting to reward your interns; either way, giving a gift card corporately is the most convenient way to go.

Having people of different ages, it is a little more complicated to buy corporate gift cards for employees compared to buying for one particular age group. Aside from Easter gift hampers, how can we condense all the ideas above into one uniform gift? 

All the Gift Ideas in One Card

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You can even include Easter designs with your company logo to make corporate branded gift cards for an added flair; after all, the best corporate gift cards are those that showcase both appreciation and the brand.

Simply browse our various selections of Australian gift cards online, or get in touch with us to see how we can help you customize your corporate e-gift cards and make this Easter more meaningful and memorable for everyone.

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