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Supporting Good Mental Health Practices

Cultivating a mentally healthy workplace is simpler than you’d think. Grab a hold of GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards to help – see how here.

Cultivating a mentally healthy workplace is simpler than you’d think. Grab a hold of GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards to help – see how here.

A single act of kindness can go way further than you’d think – and the same goes for an act of kindness toward yourself. Mental health awareness has taken leaps toward the right direction in recent years, with the normalization (and dare we even say “trend”) of self-care and seeking out professional help.

And rightfully so: mental health awareness is one of the most prevalent health issues in Australia with a study by the National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing showing that an estimated 1 in 5 Australians experience a form of mental disorder. That’s an already large number that’s only due to grow further if we don’t work toward adopting a good practice model for mental health and overall create an environment for change.

With a large percentage of the population working day jobs and spending 9-5 in the office, it’s no surprise that prioritizing and supporting recovery-oriented mental health practices in the workplace is a target well worth aiming toward.

Here we cover the five tips and ways to work toward a mentally healthier and happier workplace:

1. Positivity you can see (Don’t be shy - let the sun in!)

  • There’s a lot to be said about the positive effects of spending 8 hours in a “happy” environment, and all of them are good things. Never underestimate the power of having positive/joy-inducing pin-ups around the office and desks: it’s the little that goes a long way.
  • Create more room (both in the calendar and in the office) for social meeting spaces and brainstorming sessions. Let the sun in and spruce up the office common area with plants, cheerful decor and colorful treats that can make someone’s day; you never know how far a printed word of kindness can take someone.

2. Micro-breaks and activity go hand in hand

  • A few things are always fun: team outings and grabbing coffee at a cafe nearby the office. Encouraging your employees to take micro-breaks (for a short walk around the office, a trip to the cafeteria, or even downstairs for some coffee post-lunch) can help recharge your staff and give them a mini timeout for themselves to calibrate and internalize any stress or emotion they might’ve just experienced.
  • When planning team outings, consider physical activities like outdoor yoga, or even utilizing lunch breaks to get that step count in with a walk that’ll boost endorphin production, creating an overall happier and well-rounded work environment.

3. Employee assistance program (even online ones count!)

  • Some introductory principles of recovery-oriented mental health practices include the awareness and emphasis on respecting each person’s individuality. Playing a supporting role in this involves acknowledging others' differences, empathizing with their situation, and allowing them to exert full control over their own lives. Engaging in an employee assistance program will help apply these principles to your staff. Too much commitment? Consider offering your employees a free Headspace subscription to encourage meditation and everyday mindfulness.

4. Loosen up and let more flexibility in

  • Allowing more space for flexibility in your work timeline can make a big difference in the overall culture and mental stability within your company. Ideas to support this would be gifting a company-wide Mental Health day off, or buying one of GIFTA’s best corporate gift cards that allow access to brands and experiences that’ll interest and make anyone’s day.

5. Training and regular check-ins

  • We’ve heard it said before, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”, but that’s not always true. In the case of raising mental health awareness, equipping your company’s management and staff alike to be ready to recognise and respond to potential signs (with others or with themselves) can make a real difference.


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