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New Customer Acquisition Using Rewards

Incentive marketing can be highly effective when you use the right rewards. Get it right from the get-go with GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards.

Incentive marketing can be highly effective when you use the right rewards. Get it right from the get-go with GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards.

Incentive marketing is a trending and fast-evolving customer acquisition strategy that’s proven itself to be more effective than ever in our competitive business landscape. Each time a company churns out content and paid advertisements in a bid to win customers over, it becomes a deadlock of tough rivalry with each bid seemingly better than the next. Acquiring (and retaining) customers then seemingly devolves into a game of chance and a bidding war for lower prices.

Incentive marketing avoids going head-to-head with competitors by putting in a simple, yet the meaningful gesture to pull ahead. When your competitor and you are neck to neck, the business opting for a more “personal” connection in an unrelentingly transactional world can easily emerge on top. And that’s what customer incentives do. You reward your customers and build personal relationships with them, all in a bid to make their decision that much simpler for them.

But how do you do that effectively? Offering rewards through personalized online gift cards is the answer to modern-day cashback done right. Gone are the days when businesses could give low-value items or excess stock as incentives – customers are growing wiser and more aware than ever. High-value and desirable, corporate services gift cards are the solution. With GIFTA, attract and retain loyalty by granting your customers access to over hundreds of Australia’s top retailers and as much flexibility as they’d want.

Not sure what this would look like for your business, or if the service you offer would benefit from incentive marketing? Here are some key reasons your business should consider corporate gift card rewards:

Cleaning Services

  • While any customer is a good customer, exclusive contracts and referred customers are the best kind. In the cutthroat world we live in, it might not be enough to offer the best cleaning service possible, rather, it’s about building trust and brand name.

        Incentivise your customers to use your cleaning services within limited promotional periods and refer your services to others through personalized, corporate-branded gift cards. When you buy corporate gift cards as customer gifts, you offer your customers a reward that’s relevant to their needs and is ultimately as memorable as it is valuable. 

  • How is it relevant? That’s an easy answer: there’s something for everyone. From UberEats to The Iconic, GIFTA gift cards offer something for every personality type. Heighten brand image and customer satisfaction with our corporate gift cards Australia-wide.

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  • It can be tricky establishing a brand as a wholesaler as sales often seem impersonal, with the only consideration in customers' minds on which business to go for is simply whichever can offer the lowest cost option. This is where a loyalty program rewarding consumers for their repeated business with you comes in to turn the tables.
  • Efficiently push sales during those busy year-end holiday seasons with custom corporate gift cards. Offer gift cards as rewards for big purchases and build customer trust and brand awareness; word of mouth spreads fast, and as a wholesaler, there’s nothing better.

Financial Services

  • When it comes to rewarding customers in the banking and finance sector, rewards should be focused on building interpersonal relationships and offering incentives that engage with customers. Showing customers you care about them and their interests in a way to foster a sense of community. All of these become major deciding factors when customers consider jumping ship.
  • Corporate e-gift cards play a big role in this, particularly for financial services where rebates and offers aren’t directly linked to products. Gifting “Thank You!” corporate prepaid cards will go a long way, especially as a sophisticated way of expressing appreciation toward long-standing and high contributing customers.
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  • Easily say congratulations on the new home to your loyal customers with our gift cards. Thank your customers for choosing your electric or plumbing services out of the masses available with a cost-effective yet beneficial gift that’ll show your clientele how highly you value their business.
  • With our customized gift cards, greet your customers with a memorable message, photo, and branding in a way that’ll stand out and look great.

Real estate/Construction

  • Real estate and construction are fields where high-budget projects are the norm, and referrals become more important than ever before. The difference between a good and a bad referral program lies heavily in the incentive offered: the quality, the desirability factor, and the durability of the reward in customers' minds.
  • With GIFTA’s premium Australian gift cards, we check off the entire checklist for you – and we make it painless too.

Effortless rewarding that rewards you back.

When we say our corporate Christmas gift cards are seamless, we make sure we keep to our word. Tracking and managing all your corporate gift cards online is made easier than ever with your very own personalized corporate portal – a one-stop shop for everything you’d need from scaling to delivery tracking. All we need to get your corporate portal set up for you is a couple of details via this form on our Corporate Enquiries page.

For a better picture of all our best corporate gift card ideas, check out our curated gift guide here. To put it simply, GIFTA offers the freedom of choice and enough flexibility to suit any lifestyle, business need, and customer.

Our swap cards only sweeten the deal; offering your customers the ability to swap their prepaid card value with any of the brands in categories such as Fashion, Health & Wellness, and Travel & Adventure. For any indecisive customers out there, we get it: with so many options, how do you know what to choose? And what if you change your mind months down the line? Our Ultimate Swap Card provides the perfect solution for just that, allowing recipients to swap between any retailer on offer. No matter what services you offer, the blend of freedom and flexibility you get when you purchase gift cards online with us is sure to reap a hefty reward.

Planning to send them as year-end holiday greetings? We’ve got limited edition Christmas gift card designs that package your gift in the most festive way possible.

Get started today – incentive marketing that hits the spot is easy with GIFTA.

It’s more than straightforward to get gifting with GIFTA, and we’ve got a dedicated 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have on your gift card shopping journey. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. Corporate gifting at it’s finest: we’ve got the best corporate gift cards around, and your customer retention rates will be the proof.

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Custom corporate gifting solutions for your business.

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