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Lunar New Year Corporate Gifting

Looking for ways to wish your clients and staff for the Lunar New Year? GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards are the perfect red packet for an auspicious start.

Looking for ways to wish your clients and staff for the Lunar New Year? GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards are the perfect red packet for an auspicious start.

There’s a high likelihood you’ve seen it in your local Chinatown street, shopping centre, or favourite Chinese restaurant: the whole shebang from firecrackers, lanterns, festive music, and acrobatic “Lion dances” full of leaping movement and skill. The Lunar New Year is one of the most exciting and grand festivals of the year for many in the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Asian communities.

Born from a rich cultural origin with a multitude of traditions built up around it, this lively 15-day (yes, 15 whole days!) celebration includes piles of traditional homecooked food with dishes meant to bring good fortune for the year to come. It makes for an important holiday to recognise particularly with the Asian Australian demographic encompassing approximately 17.4% of the country’s population, and a large part of the Australian workforce. Remembering the Lunar New Year and acknowledging it to your clients and customers who celebrate is a small token that will go a long way in expressing your sincerity.

Amongst all of the occasion’s iconic symbols, the auspicious red packets (or “hong bao”) are arguably one of the most important, presented amongst friends and families as gifts filled with “lucky” money. It’s a time-honoured tradition and one that’s important to every household celebrating Lunar New Year. Looking to get in on the tradition but aren’t sure how to go about it? GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards have got you covered.

With both online gift card offerings and physical gift cards, send festive greetings to your team remotely or in person with our exclusive Lunar New Year designs. For an added touch, order our physical corporate gift cards to put into red envelopes and hand them out to your team members. As symbolism is important culturally, all of our designs incorporate the traditional “good luck” colours that are associated with the New Year (namely red and gold), to ensure that when you purchase gift cards online with GIFTA, the gesture will be received as a token of good wishes and good fortune for your recipients year ahead – an important thought in most Chinese and Asian cultures!

Amongst many Asian businesses, gifts are exchanged in order to maintain good relations and boost familiarity, particularly during festive seasons and big occasions. If you’re looking for something to show extra special clients that you’re thinking of them this festive period, we’re also offering limited edition GIFTA Corporate Gift boxes, with physical red packets (with our gift cards tucked into them) and packed with other Chinese New Year goodies for the ultimate gift that’ll make a memorable impact.

Family unity and “reunions” are another big aspect of the festivities, and the focus on having friends and family come together is emphasised more than ever during this period. When you send our corporate gift cards for employees, you can include a personalised message and photo/video greeting that’ll reflect this familial value and remind your team how much you truly appreciate them for the year of working as a high-performing cohesive unit.

There are typically also many shops and businesses that will be closed over the holiday season in a bid to spend time with loved ones and this period of time will also see many people head off to their home countries and hometowns. Reach out to your clients, customers, and partners no matter where in the world they’re celebrating with our corporate e-gift cards that’ll reach your recipients in seconds. When you send gift cards online with us, we make it easier for you than ever.

Scaling isn’t an issue with GIFTA: send up to as many or as few corporate services gift cards as you’d like. A quick fill-in of a form sets you up for corporate gift cards Australia-wide and your very own personalised portal where you can manage, track, and send all your cards in one place with guaranteed delivery and your own branding.

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The Lunar New Year gift that keeps giving with our corporate gift card ideas

Give your recipients access to brands that’ll pique their interest no matter what they’re into when you buy corporate gift cards with GIFTA. For the foodies prepping the kitchen for a mini warzone of hosting this New Year, they’ll love the idea of swapping their Australian gift card for a Woolies voucher perfect to stock up on meat and veggies for their recipes.

More relaxed foodies will relish the idea of having Uber Eats to spend on where they’ll order up all the delicious home cooking…from somebody else. A big part of the Lunar New Year festivities includes shopping for new clothes (bonus points if it’s red clothing) to wear to the reunion dinners, and with fashion outlets available for most anyone (think The Iconic, Country Road, Forever New, and Oakley), you’re sure to make some people very happy shoppers.

With our generous swap cards, you don’t even have to figure out what everyone needs, you can simply just order a swap card from one of our seven available categories (Good Food, Home & Living, Health & Wellness), or get one of our best corporate gift cards: the Ultimate Swap Card. Allowing recipients to pick from any brand across any category is guaranteed to add value to any celebration this Lunar New Year and effectively boost morale and relations.

We’ve got a specialised 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have when you start gifting with our electronic gift cards. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. Show your customers how much their support means to you, and reap the benefits of what you sow. We’re the best when it comes to gifting, and we know you’ll soon see why.

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