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Incentivise Customer Referrals Using Gift Cards

Let customer referrals do the marketing heavy lifting for you: reward referrals right with GIFTA’s corporate gift cards. We know how to get it done.

Let customer referrals do the marketing heavy lifting for you: reward referrals right with GIFTA’s corporate gift cards. We know how to get it done.

The numbers support the facts: in terms of customer retention and conversion, referral programs knock traditional advertising out of the park: it’s the most trusted and well-received form of advertising. While it may seem surprising that something having evolved from “word of mouth” between mums, friends, and chatty happy customers has turned itself into a full-fledged marketing scheme – it really works.

Referral programs essentially transfer the work you’d normally do into the hands of your customers, turning your existing customer base into your biggest advocates. Instead of wasting time on cold leads, referrals ensure that you target warmer leads – after all, your customers do that customer analysis for you beforehand, weeding out all their contacts that would be disinterested.

The answer to referral incentives: corporate prepaid cards. A cross-industry solution that works for every sort of customer base, GIFTA offers corporate e-gift cards that are a breeze to give and great to receive.

Done right, referral programs are the double-edged sword that generates new leads with high purchasing chances, and rewards existing satisfied customers. No matter which industry you’re in, referral programs are an authentic and trustworthy way to build brand awareness and your customer base.

GIFTA offers fully customisable corporate gift cards Australia-wide, with hundreds of top retailers on retainer. Don’t trade in quality for flexibility: efficiently delivered and with something for everyone, our corporate gift cards make the best incentive that suits every industry and customer.

Here’s a list of some of the industries that’ll benefit from a rocking referral program:

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

  • With an industry that is booming and as critical as healthcare, it’s no surprise that getting feedback from trusted sources is the go-to deciding factor. Whether it’s for routine medical checkups or for specialized health treatments, hospitals and clinics gain large numbers of clients through friend-and-family referrals. As a rule of thumb, people want to know a doctor’s history before committing to a visit, whether a once-off or repeated. This makes it easy when the doctor comes vetted by a trusted contact.
  • Offer clients corporate prepaid cards as an incentive to refer your services and you can even make it a double scheme rewarding both the referrer and referee after their first visit. Particularly effective in specialised fields like dentistry, obstetrics and pediatry, when clients recognise you for your skillset, reward them with our custom corporate gift cards in exchange for spreading the word.

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Advertising and consultancy

  • If you’re in consultancy, whether your firm does tax, HR, or legal consultancy, the common ground is in the sensitive nature of the work. This further cements the importance of having a reliable provider, and having recommendations come from trusted friends.
  • As an advertising agency, your portfolio goes a long way in reaching new customers, and the more jobs you do the more apparent the effectiveness of your work will be. Seeing is believing, so it’s not hard to trust the words of a happy customer whether you know them personally or not. That makes it all the easier for existing customers to refer others, and for you to say thank you with a seasonal “Merry Christmas” gift card.

Restaurants & Hotels

  • Restaurants are a dime a dozen these days, and even good ones can find it hard to stand out from everyone putting their best advertising foot forward. Reviews have long been an easy way to weed out the bad, better, and best restaurants around, but another untapped resource is contact recommendations. 
  • Whenever someone moves to a new city, checks out a new area, or plans a large-scale event, it’s a given that they’ll do research on the best places available, and a big part of this research is done by asking their known circle.
  • Reward your customer base with memorable Australian gift cards and you can guarantee that the next time someone asks them what the hottest spot for a birthday bash is, they’ll think of you.


  • Everything’s easier online, and with the world getting more connected than ever before, everything's moving online. This makes it a no-brainer that e-commerce platforms are amongst the most popular emerging industries – and one of the industries with the most reach.
  • This makes referral programs an integral part of the business marketing strategy, and with an online space like e-commerce, there’s no better gift than when you buy gift cards online.


Bullseye rewarding every time: make those referrals work for you with GIFTA’s digital gift cards.

Setting up a customer referral program shouldn’t be hard, and we make sure that the rewarding side stays painless, foolproof, and right on the bullseye each time. Scaling your rewards program with your business size might seem daunting as your company grows, but with a personalized corporate portal set up just for you, you can track and manage all your online gift cards in one place.

We know what people want, even when they don’t. They want the flexibility to pick their reward as and when they want it, and we’ve made that easy with our swap cards. With seven different categories or an ultimate swap card for swapping across any retailer we offer, when you purchase gift cards online with us, you’ll have the advantage of a sophisticated gift that’s well-received by everyone.

Take the year-end holidays as a chance to add on a bonus gift for loyal referring customers, and spice it up with our cheery limited edition Christmas gift card designs. We’ve got the best gift cards for Christmas that when paired with your custom branding and appreciation message, will tug on the right heartstrings that show your sincerity.

We’ve got a specialised 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have when you start gifting with our electronic gift cards. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. Show your customers how much their support means to you, and reap the benefits of what you sow. We’re the best when it comes to gifting, and we know you’ll soon see why.

If you’ve got more questions on how to buy gift cards online with us, we’re happy to help! Click here for more information.

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