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How To Incentivise Casual or Temporary Employees

Rewarding a casual employees with digital gift cards can never go wrong.

Rewarding a casual employees with digital gift cards can never go wrong.

Creative Ways to Incentivise Casual Employees via Australian Gift Cards

Casual work is a temporary position in an organisation that has no set requirements beyond completing a project, so it includes flexible/contract/temporary workers. In today’s age of flexible working arrangements, more business owners find themselves hiring casual employees for temporary projects like seasonal marketing campaigns or new apps.

Typically, these people work remotely or visit an office setting temporarily, when needed but due to the temporary nature of their work, employers miss out on building a relationship with them. Read further for creative ways to incentivise employees, and keep a lookout for ideas to use eGift Cards!

Why Casual/Temporary Employees Are Important To The Business

Casual employees are typically associated with being demotivated staff because employers do not make the effort to make them feel included in the team, merely considering them ‘the part-timer’.  However, they play an increasingly vital role in the success of a business, especially in this modern age of entrepreneurial startups and ever-changing business environments.

1. Flexibility

They provide flexibility and support during peak periods, special projects, or when additional workforce is required. For example, in retail, casual employees help manage increased customer demands during the holiday seasons. In the hospitality industry, they assist in catering to higher guest numbers or events.

2. Ensure smooth operation during emergencies

Casual employees can also fill in for regular employees on leave or absences, ensuring smooth operations. Their flexibility allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing needs without incurring fixed costs associated with full-time employees.

3. Bringing In Skill Diversity

Additionally, casual employees bring fresh perspectives, diverse skill sets, and specialized expertise to the organization, contributing to innovation and improved customer service. Their contributions, although temporary, are invaluable in maintaining operational efficiency and meeting customer demands.

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Why Incentivise Casual Employees 

You might find yourself wondering - wait, do casual employees get benefits? Any incentives they enjoy will be up to the business owner’s discretion, of course, but they will definitely appreciate you for it. 

1. Build Long-term Relationships

When casual employees have a great experience working with you, it’ll be much easier to approach them again for future projects. They’ll be more inclined to refer this role to their friends too, so you’ll be able to hire higher-quality staff in the future through referrals. All of this greatly reduces the initial friction with new hires, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

2. Increased Motivation

Incentives provide an extra source of motivation for casual employees to perform at their best. When employees know there are rewards or recognition tied to their efforts, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and go the extra mile to achieve goals. Motivated employees would be more inclined to report when something’s wrong, or provide helpful insights to assist the team, which increases the organisation’s overall productivity.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

When casual employees are motivated and engaged through incentives, it has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Satisfied and motivated employees are more likely to deliver excellent customer service, which enhances the overall customer experience and contributes to customer loyalty.

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How to Incentivise Employees


1. Flexible Scheduling 

Provide flexible scheduling options when possible. This can be especially valuable for casual employees who may have other commitments or preferences outside of work.

Offering flexibility in their work hours can help them maintain a work-life balance and increase their job satisfaction.

2. Be Inclusive

Incentivizing casual employees goes beyond monetary rewards. One effective way to motivate and engage them is by fostering inclusivity in day-to-day operations. By creating an inclusive environment, casual employees feel valued, respected, and part of the team.

Actively ask for their input, and assign them meaningful tasks that align with their skillsets to help them feel connected to the organisation’s goals. When casual employees feel included and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated, loyal, and eager to excel in their roles.

3. Training and Development Opportunities

Offer opportunities for casual employees to learn and develop new skills. Providing access to training programs, workshops, or online courses can demonstrate that you value their professional growth. It also enhances their skill set and increases their value to the organization.

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4. Career Advancement Possibilities

While one of the benefits of being a casual employee is the flexibility in scheduling, many still desire a stable, permanent income source where possible. If you know they’re interested in a job, consider offering them one! It’s not uncommon for employers to convert a casual employee into a permanent staff member!

If you see potential in one of your casual employees, consider reaching out to ask if they would be interested in being a permanent part of the team. Clearly communicate potential career advancement opportunities within the organization, and casual employees who see a path for growth and advancement are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work.

Offer guidance on how they can progress and take on more responsibilities within the company.

5. Performance-Based Bonuses

Offer performance-based bonuses or incentives tied to specific goals or targets. This can provide extra motivation for casual employees to perform well and achieve desired outcomes.

6. Recognition and Appreciation

Regularly recognize and appreciate the contributions of casual employees. This can be done through verbal praise, written commendations, or small rewards. Acknowledging their efforts and expressing gratitude can go a long way in boosting their morale and motivation. Even if they’re remote workers, don’t let that faze you! Buy a gift card online like Amazon corporate gift cards or an electronic gift card easily to show them you appreciate their efforts.

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