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Enforcing company values with Australian gift cards

Engage your employees in company values through Australian Gift Cards and lead.

Engage your employees in company values through Australian Gift Cards and lead.

Here’s a truth bomb if you don’t already know: your business is not only fighting against your competitors for customers, it is also fighting for talents. If you do already know, well, this is a reminder.

We’re not just talking about talents who are Harvard graduates and close deals in a snap of a finger; yes, they are a great asset for companies, but we are also talking about holistic talents: those who understand the company and industry, know and adhere to the company values, and reflect the values in the work they produce. Fortunately, company values can be instilled regardless of major, industry, or experience; as long as your employees are teachable and your values make sense, they could be enforced.

So how can we enforce them, and how will Australian egift cards online  help? Before we address the hows, let us first look at the whys and whats.

Why are company values important?

Your set of company values serve as a lighthouse that guides most, if not all, your decision-making in the raging storms of business.

Your working strategies, business prospects, and organization goals should all align with the values you have put out; for example, if integrity is one of your company values, when faced with a situation which requires you to make a tough decision, start by asking yourselves “Which path leads us to achieving integrity?”.

This gives you a clear direction as you steer your company into greater places, and prevents you from straying too far when you get inevitably carried away.



Furthermore, your company culture is strengthened when you have a set of company values in place. It binds your employees together by having them look toward the same vision, and also guides their working practices whenever they are presented with a task or problem.

This will also foster unity amongst the employees and minimize friction when it comes to differing working styles because at the end of the day, it is sticking to the set of values that matters most.

It also helps a lot in recruiting the right talents for your company. You will be able to gauge if the talent suits your company by seeing if their personal values align with the organization’s set of values. Once you have the right talent, you can save time trying to force those values into their heads because it will come naturally to them; and when employees feel at ease with the company, they feel more fulfilled at work, which helps greatly in talent retention as well! 

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What are the company values that organizations should adopt?

Of course, a good company should be ethical in every aspect, but here are some of the common ones that are crucial in building a strong foundation of values for your organization to follow.

That said, please bear in mind that there are no blueprints when it comes to charting your company values because it all boils down to what you really want your company to stand by.

Integrity. The umbrella word for all things honorable like transparency, honesty, and - wait for it - sticking to your values! We all know how harsh the business world can be whether we like it or not, it is always about profitability.


There will be times when, albeit unethical, taking the shorter route or choosing the way that saves most on cost yet yields most profit seem like the smartest choice.

However, having integrity makes you take a step back and think twice: Is this what your business model stands for? Is that the practice you want to continue adopting in the future? Will this practice sustain the business well?

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Excellence. In your products, in your services, in your corporate projections and financial managements, striving to do the best for your company in every aspect in the given circumstances is always the way to go.

We know, it sounds all vague and general, but it really is up to you and your company to define what excellence looks like, and have your team work towards that version of excellence.

People-centric. Values like diversity, collaboration, and social responsibility fall under this category. We all know how important people are in every project - this includes our team members, our customers, business partners, our investors, and those in the community.


So always take them into consideration whenever you are making big business decisions; questions like “Does this product help my customers?”, “Will this project cause burnout for my employees?”, “Will this new venture cause societal harm?”, “Will this benefit both my and my partners’ company?” are good prompts for when you are fleshing out your set of company values.

Now that we know the importance of company values and some common examples, we dive into the ways to set and implement them. 

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How to set company values?

Firstly, do not do this alone. Gather your top management and your important stakeholders to assess your company’s industry and evaluate the current practices.

Your organization may have already been following a set of common values which may be working very well! You just need to set aside time and intentionally put those values into pen and paper by way of officiation, so that it can be professionally shared and circulated thereafter.

Next, dive into the details. Tailor your set of values to your company’s beliefs and practices and define what it means to be adhering to each value, but also be concise and clear so that everyone involved in your organization understands them completely.

Make sure your core  values stand the test of time: they should be able to be applied at any stage of your project or any stage of your company’s future projections.

Lastly, review the values again, or get a fresh set of minds (such as a third-party business consultant, or someone reliable who was not part of the planning) to check if your values make logical sense and aren’t too overambitious or too oversimplified.

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How to get your employees to reflect the company values?

You disseminate, incorporate, and regulate.

You disseminate your new set of values to everyone involved in your organization and communicate them in a concise and uncomplicated manner to ensure a thorough understanding of the values. Include them into your official websites and company introductions as part of your employer branding initiative, and for them to be the first thing that third parties learn about your company.

For new recruits, include the values in your interviews and onboarding orientation as well so that they are well aware of them before accepting the position or taking up any tasks.

Then you incorporate those values by walking the talk. Demonstrate those values in your own behavior and decision-making processes so that you provide your employees with a good example, and also nobody likes to be led by a hypocrite. Go an extra mile to make sure those values cement by providing training and development opportunities that focus on the company values.

These can include workshops, seminars, or online courses that help employees understand the values and provide them with the skills to live them out in their roles.

Lastly, have constant check-ins with your employees or their direct superiors to see if those values are being practiced, and see if they have helped with their and the company’s overall performance.

If results are positive, continue to find ways to enforce those values; but if they are otherwise, be adaptable and think of how to change up certain areas without straying too far from the core values.

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Enforcing company values with Australian gift cards

People react well to external reinforcements. During the training period, you may consider having a reward system by giving recognition to the employees who have excelled as a means of motivation for them to keep it up! Corporate gift cards make good rewards as they can be tailored to suit the employees’ interests and preferences, but do make sure to buy corporate gift cards that are swappable with other brands for that reward system to work.

There are plenty of Australian gift cards online covering some of the most popular brands which will make them the best corporate gift cards you can offer to your employees.

You can also incorporate your values into your half-yearly or annual appraisals, and give them the recognition they deserve by gifting them your corporate branded gift cards! A little attention to detail goes a long way, you can even make things more special for the recipients by turning the regular ones into custom corporate gift cards.

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