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Delegating Effectively for Managers

A manager is the one who knows the delegation strategy & appreciation by eGift cards online.

A manager is the one who knows the delegation strategy & appreciation by eGift cards online.

Effective Delegation & Positive Reinforcement Through Digital Gift Cards

Are you burning out at work? Is work piling up endlessly, despite having a team? It’s time to reconsider team’s work allocations. While it might take time for your team to evolve a trust-and-delegate culture, it’s best to start sooner than later so you can truly unlock your team’s potential. Effective delegation and reward systems will foster trust and take your team to greater heights, so read further for tips to delegate work effectively and reward teammates appropriately. (Hint: digital gift cards are a great gift idea for your team!)

Benefits of Effective Delegation 

Why should I delegate this when I can complete the task faster? /  It’s just easier if I do it. / I can do this better than them. 

Delegating work to someone else can sometimes feel counterintuitive, especially if you’re new to leadership or you’re building a new team. However, understand that effective delegation is very much a ‘flywheel effect’ process, where the beginning takes time and effort, but once momentum is established, everything will fly much smoother. Here are the benefits:

1. Establish Trust 

When a manager or leader delegates tasks to team members, it shows that they have confidence in their abilities. By entrusting important responsibilities to others, it demonstrates that the leader believes in their skills and believes they can successfully complete the tasks. This fosters a sense of trust and empowerment among team members.

2. Increase Efficiency 

Delegation allows tasks to be assigned to the most appropriate team members based on their skills, expertise, and availability. By matching tasks with individuals who have the necessary knowledge and experience, delegation ensures that resources are utilized efficiently. This reduces the chances of tasks being delayed or improperly executed.

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3. Employee Development

Delegation provides opportunities for team members to develop new skills and expand their capabilities. When leaders delegate tasks, they are essentially investing in their employees' growth and development. This shows that they have faith in their team members' potential and are willing to support their professional advancement. Trust is also built as a result when employees feel that their growth is valued and supported.

4. Focus on Core Responsibilities

This point speaks particularly to small business owners who tend to adopt a superhuman role at work. Your job is to focus on bringing in more money so the business grows! When leaders delegate non-core or lower-priority tasks to others, it allows them to focus on their own key responsibilities and strategic initiatives.

As such, it frees up time and mental energy for leaders to concentrate on high-value activities that contribute to the overall success of the organization. 

Building Trust In Your Team Through Corporate Gifting

Building Trust In Your Team Through Corporate Gifting

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5. Principles for Effective Delegation

Want to be a little more hands-off, but still nervous about letting go? Here are a few tips for delegating effectively. 

  • Clear Communication 

Communication allows for a mutual understanding between the delegator and the delegatee. It ensures that both parties have a shared understanding of the task, its purpose, deadlines, and any other relevant details. This helps eliminate assumptions, minimize confusion, and align expectations.

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  • Provide Context & Guidance

Delegation isn’t just pushing an undesirable task to the intern! Whenever possible, clarify the priority level of a task, as well as the reason for doing it. Accept the responsibility of training your successor, however minor the task is, well.

Communicating your goal and priorities will help align you and your team, thus decreasing miscommunication. Will the presentation be attended by a major client? Or is this document on a ‘do-if-you-have-time’ bucket on the low-priority list? This simple discussion will help your team understand your expectations and avoid disappointment down the road.



  • Verify Results

    Trust them to do the work, though as a leader, you’re still responsible for the outcome. Remember to verify your team’s work after they’re done to ensure output is up to your standards. They don’t need to do everything exactly as how you would’ve done it, but the results should still be up to par! In fact, balancing between trust and micromanaging is so tricky that some employers send their managers for effective delegation training to learn how to lead effectively without being a helicopter manager.

  • Give Credit 

If you’ve delegated the work to someone, remember that they contributed to the final outcome! Make it a habit to thank them publicly when the opportunity arises, such as during a post-mortem or presentation. Failure to give credit will only cause resentment the next time you delegate a task.

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  • Positive Feedback & Reinforcement

    Giving credit where credit is due, is the minimum, but to take it another step further, reward your team!
    To maintain the momentum of effective delegation, positive feedback and reinforcement help tremendously in building your employees’ confidence to take on future projects independently.

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The ability to buy gift cards online is a godsend for remote teams because not being in a physical office can alienate your teammates. Working remotely means you need to be intentional with praise and feedback - they won’t know you’re proud of them if you don’t send them a beaming email! Send them corporate gift cards online after they’ve handled a particularly tough task independently, and you’ll find delegation getting easier down the road when there is a foundation of trust.

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