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Celebrate this Mother's Day with Australian Gift Cards

Unleash unique love with Australian gift cards. Surprise your mum and make her feel special.

Unleash unique love with Australian gift cards. Surprise your mum and make her feel special.

We cherish them every day, but on this special day of the year, we celebrate mothers. Whether you’re a middle school kid, a teenager, or a working adult, you’ve definitely celebrated this occasion several times, and chances are you are about to (or already have) run out of gift ideas this year. We got your back, here are some mother’s day gift ideas that would suit every type of mum. It includes the full range of items for you to choose from: services, adventures, and tangible objects, but the best part is that most of them can be obtained with the right Australian Gift Card online; so if you’re short on time, they still got you covered. 

1. The Foodie Mum

You know those mothers who have a recipe for things like homemade mayonnaise? Or those who know all the newest restaurants and probably have tried (maybe even submitted a Google review for) most of them? If that sounds like your mum, here are a few gifts you may consider.

Dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant

The way to her heart is good food, and since it is a celebration, ambience matters. So take her to a nice place, and give her the most delightful dinner experience.

If there happens to be a new one in town that she has not already tried, that would be the place; if there is none, or you think a new restaurant is too risky lest she hates it, go to her Google account and check out the restaurants to which she has awarded 5 stars, and take your pick!

Gourmet groceries or cookware

Think ingredients like saffron, truffle, and caviar; for the mums who enjoy the process of cooking as much as eating gourmet food, get them something to cook with that aren’t your usual pantry staples. If you have the budget, something from Le Creuset or Staub would definitely elevate her cooking experience. 

Cook for her

Does her love language happen to be acts of service? Go the extra mile and make her a nice dinner. It does not always have to be fancy, a warm meal made with love can touch her heart in ways no Michelin star restaurant can. We do recommend this only if you have some sort of culinary knowledge, though - we wouldn’t want her having a rubber steak on her special day now, do we?

foodie mum mothers day australian gift cards

2. The Adventurous Mum

Always on the hunt for excitement and new experiences, sign her up to any of the activities below, or even better, go with her for some quality mother-child bonding time by way of celebration.


There are so many workshops available now, down to the nichest of skills. Mosaic art, pottery, terrariums, wood carving, crocheting, tufting, calligraphy - you name it, there’ll be a class for it; and we’re sure one of those classes will pique your mothers’ interests!

 Adventures / Vacation

Fancy an adrenaline rush? Bring her skydiving, car racing, or kayaking if she’s up for it - and we’re quite sure she’d be up for it if you’re adventuring with her! Let yourselves loose and have a little daredevilish fun to remind her what it’s like to feel youthful and full of life again. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all action-packed. A weekend getaway to the lush mountains or sandy beaches counts as an adventure, too! It also does just the trick to untangle the knots in her chest and calm her mind, and we all need a space for that every once in a while.

Swappable online gift cards such as this Travel & Adventure electronic gift card are a great choice if your mum likes both action-packed and quiet getaway, that way, she can decide where to go on the very day based on what she prefers.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

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adventurous mum mothers day australian gift cards

3. The Stay-At-Home Mum

You always wake up to a full breakfast spread, you have never seen a weed in your garden, and you never have to dig around just to find a clean pair of underwear - all thanks to your mum. Here are some things a homemaker would love.

Gardening items

If she has green fingers, almost anything related to gardening would make her happy. A new plant, a flower shelf, good fertilizer, a nice set gardening tools, the list goes on. You can even put together a little box with a mix of those items - a specially curated gardening set filled with things you know she will like, that is guaranteed to make her bloom.

Household items

The possibilities are endless here. You can get her a robot vacuum to ease her daily chores, an electric back massager for her breaks throughout the day, or even a whole massage chair if space allows for that. A meal kit subscription goes a long way because it meant that she wouldn’t have to rack her brains for meals of the week. Since she stays at home most of the time, any sort of house decor to spruce up her living space would do wonders in making her everyday a little brighter. 

stay at home mothers day australian gift cards

4. The Glamorous Mum

You have never seen her with a bad hair day, she brings you out for high tea, and she enjoys the finer things in life - and we know she deserves them.

Beauty and pampering services

Relaxation and time to properly unwind is the best thing one could have in a world so hell-bent on hustling and productivity. You won’t go wrong with a good ol’ spa session, and if you’re feeling generous, throw in a manicure or hairstyling session as the cherry on top so she can spend her day relaxed and all dolled-up.

You can opt to buy gift cards online with several beauty and wellness services available to let her choose the type of pampering sessions to her liking.


Getting her another bottle of her signature scent is sure to win her heart. To make it more special, see if you can get her name carved on the bottle for a personal touch, it’s the little intricacies that sets the gift apart sometimes. You can also be a little adventurous and get her something with different notes of the same scent family, that might just be her next go-to fragrance.

Fashion items

We all like to look good and feel good, and high-quality jewelries and fabrics instantly elevate any look. Think gold jewelries, leather belts, and silk scarves; these are all timeless pieces that women of elegance would love and appreciate.

5. The Driven Mum

She makes you wonder how one could possibly attend work meetings, deal with difficult clients, and still attend parent-teacher meetings without fail. Balancing both career and family is known to be hard, yet our mothers still pull it off; here are some things that would be right up her alley.

Customized Planner

A durable, leather bound journal with thick, good quality paper makes the world of a difference when it comes to daily planning; level it up with her name gold-embossed on the cover, and the girlboss aesthetic is complete for our goal-getter mothers. 

Travel Mug

You just know she needs her caffeine to juggle everything, so a travel-sized thermal flask to keep her coffee warm until she refills her second dose in the afternoon would be a perfect gift. Since we’re into personalized items here, how about having her name engraved on the mug to match her planner? 

Work Bag

A good bag to bear the weight of her laptop, mug, binders, and her expectations for herself is essential for a hustler mother. The perfect work bag should have the size that can fit everything, yet still looks lightweight and classy. It might take some effort to find the right one, but she is worth all the effort.

One important note though, is that these categories are meant as a mere guidance, they are not mutually exclusive; because we all know mothers wear many hats. A stay-at-home mum might also enjoy skydiving, and the career-driven mum could also do with a good beauty and pampering session. So keep in mind that the best mother’s day gifts are those that are well thought-out and tailored to please your mother, not one type of mum.

Which is also why you are recommended to purchase gift cards online due to its flexibility, and choosing a good gift card shop is crucial because you’d want one that offers a broad range of choices. If you happen to be abroad, keep in mind that you would also want to be able to send the gift card online upon purchase so that your mother can receive it on time during the mother’s day weekend.

All the mothers in the workplace

As mentioned, it is also possible to have foodie mums at the workplace, along with all the other types of mums mentioned above. One good way to show them some love is to buy them corporate gift cards to celebrate the occasion; custom corporate gift cards are preferable since there is a theme.

Corporate services gift cards are suitable for mums who like experiences, and Amazon corporate gift cards are available for those who prefer tangible objects; whatever your corporate gift card ideas are, GIFTA is able to meet your expectations.

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