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2022 Christmas Corporate Gifting: 10 Ideas Every Employee Will Love

The ultimate christmas corporate gifting ideas 2022: personalised presents made perfect when you buy corporate gift cards. Learn more and start gifting with GIFTA.

The ultimate christmas corporate gifting ideas 2022: personalised presents made perfect when you buy corporate gift cards. Learn more and start gifting with GIFTA.

Though there might be five different love languages, it’s a given that by the time December rolls around, “gifts” is the one love language that’s made its way to the very top. Whether it’s been a great year of soaring records, a tighter-than-usual year, or some mix of everything in between - Christmas is finally here; and with it, the long-awaited family dinners and holidays with friends. If you’re on the hunt for a personalised and fuss-free corporate gifting solution this holiday season, consider GIFTA’s Christmas gift cards for employees.

We’ve curated a list of editor’s picks (organised by categories, of course) of holiday gift ideas your staff can redeem. Close out the year on a strong note with the best corporate gift cards you can find Australia-wide. Planning out Christmas gifts for your hardworking team has never been easier than with GIFTA’s digital gift cards. Australia’s best retailers at your doorstep: completely fuss-free and all done in a matter of minutes - no registrations necessary.

No matter what your employees are into, this is the one gift that’s guaranteed to have something for everyone. Don’t take our word for it: we’ll show you all the reasons to buy corporate gift cards in this ultimate gift guide. Let’s get stuck in!


Festive corporate gifting made easy.

For: the mums, dads, and chefs of your team

  • BlendJet 2 Portable Blender (Myer) - Great for gym junkies, fruit aficionados, and casual juice lovers. With the height of summer coming up, nothing better than this portable blender that packs a powerful punch. Blend up an easy juice in less than 20 seconds anywhere, from the beach to the mountains.
  • Kalorik 4.3L Air Fryer (Myer) - Make those Christmas dinner parties easier than ever. With GIFTA’s corporate gift cards, your staff can get a 4.3L air fryer for under $100. Saving up to 75% of fat and calories, this will help any home chef cook up a quick and easy storm for incoming visitors.
  • God of War, The Last of Us, Among Us (Playstation store) - For those needing a little extra hand with keeping the kids, teens, and young-at-hearts entertained, the Playstation store offers hours of fun and games to suit pretty much any personality.

To learn more about our gifting ideas, click here! Personalised & Co-branded Corporate Gifts

For: the fun-loving hire 

  • Sand-proof beach towels & waterproof bag covers (Kathmandu) - When living in Aussie, it’s always a safe bet to get weather-ready gear for the sandy beaches and great ocean walks. Kathmandu and Macpac stock everything you need and never-knew-you-needed like cabanas, mini-torch/carabiner combos, and packing cells.
  • Horse-riding, kayaking, quad biking (Adrenaline) - Cover your bases with Adrenaline and Redballoon, only two of the biggest adventure and experience booking sites in Aussie. Explorers and outdoor addicts get to pick from deep sea fishing and half-day canyoning tours that’ll make this the best corporate gift card they’ll ever get.
  • Tickets to a band or play (Ticketmaster) - With fun-loving music enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tickets to go see their favourite band - or pretty much any band. Ticketmaster is the ultimate go-to, selling tickets to sporting events, concerts, ballets, and more. 

For: the vibey home-body

  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (Amazon) - A solid contribution to a smart home, this device comes with a built-in clock and speakers and can show you the current temperature and answer simple questions via Alexa. Alexa, how do you say “the perfect Christmas gift” in Italian?
  • Crackling pork rolls on a Sunday night in (Doordash) - There are few things more satisfying than a good pork roll and your favourite movie for a cozy dinner at home. Gift your staff the choice of dinner at any restaurant in their area with our corporate gift card that lets them pick between Doordash, Uber Eats, and Gourmet Traveller.

For: the busy-bee always on the go

  • Jabra Elite True Wireless Earbuds (Harvey Norman) - True wireless earbuds on a budget, Jabra Elite is great for almost all daily uses: music as you commute and calls on your walks, which makes this a must-have for that one team member who’s always on the move.
  • Peta and Jain Phoenix Crossbody Bag (The Iconic) - For all the city gals needing a bag that keeps the necessities safe, allows them to move fast through throngs of shoppers and goes with any fit.

Festive corporate gifting made easy.

On a regular day, the best part of your team is the diversity, but we get it - this blessing also makes it that much harder to get a gift that’ll suit each one of them. Thankfully, with GIFTA’s swap card you don’t have to go through another head-scratching session of what to get everyone on your team. 

Part of what makes us the best corporate gift card for employees is the ability to swap your card value between any of the retailers we’ve listed and hundreds more. With the likes of Amazon, Rebel Sport, and Myer on the list, our swap card makes the best present for those who don’t even know what they want yet. 

Choose between 7 different swap card categories (like Entertainment, Health & Wellness, and Travel & Adventure), or get the greatest corporate e-gift card: our ultimate swap card that allows you to swap with any of our hundreds of retailers on offer.

With our unique limited edition Christmas gift card designs, you can add a little more fun to your Christmas pressies! Add your company’s branding, logo, and a personalised image or video greeting, and you’re good to go.

I want some Christmas digital gift cards! How do I get started?

I want some Christmas digital gift cards! How do I get started?

When you buy gift cards online with GIFTA, you get a corporate portal tailor-made for your company so you can track and manage all your gift cards easily. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. With the click of a button, our digital cards can be on their way to your employees’ inboxes and phones within seconds, but if you’d prefer to have something to give away in the flesh, consider our physical gift cards. Made with recyclable and ethically-sourced, high-quality paper, it’s a more sustainable option than your regular plastic card. 

If you’re keen to get started but aren’t sure if you can figure it all out in time, we’ve got a solution for that too. We have a dedicated team ready to sort out any questions you might have - and we operate 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about our holiday opening hours. And that’s a wrap on a very merry Christmas.

If you’ve got more questions on how our digital gift cards work, we’re happy to help! Reach us at australian digital gift cards shop - Gifta.

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