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5 Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

In a world where incentives and rewards play a huge role in marketing strategies, digital gift cards have increasingly seen an uptick in popularity – and it won’t stop there.

In a world where incentives and rewards play a huge role in marketing strategies, digital gift cards have increasingly seen an uptick in popularity – and it won’t stop there.

The piece de resistance and ultimate goal of businesses everywhere has to be ramping up sales numbers. But in an ultra-competitive world, what does it take for a company to see numbers shooting through the roof? Behind every successful brand name are marketing teams that have devoted hours of time and research to reach and engage with target markets. In a world where incentives and rewards play a huge role in marketing strategies, digital gift cards have increasingly seen an uptick in popularity – and it won’t stop there.

Your brand is almost entirely dependent on how you market it, and if there’s one good thing about living in the internet age, it’s got to be that there’s no lack of ways to do so. While social media and advertisements are effective, consumers are consistently bombarded with them everywhere they turn. Building a brand and a loyal following often requires engaging and interacting with your customers and rewards should act as a way of showing customers how much you appreciate them (and their repeat patronage!) rather than just bait on a fishing line. Incorporating a solid gift card program into your marketing strategies can be way more effective –and easy– than you might’ve ever realised. Here are five great ways to win over customers and set your sales numbers on the incline that keeps going up.

Gift Card Marketing Strategy to Increase your Sales

Effective (and straightforward) Marketing Strategies That Will Actually Work:

1. Hold a Giveaway - The world loves free stuff, and that’s an undeniable fact that’s driven marketing campaigns and HR departments worldwide for years. As much as everyone loves free stuff, it’s even better when it feels like they’ve won it. One great way to ramp up sales is by holding a contest or giveaway where every sale is an entry to win a pot. Not only does this serve as an added incentive for people to make purchases, but it also contributes to the sense of satisfaction your customers will get. And don’t worry – giveaways don’t have to mean free cars or Apple products, they’ve just got to be something practical and desirable. A bespoke giveaway prize that’s perfect and valuable to pretty much anybody can look like a $100 gift card that can be redeemed from over hundreds of Australia’s top brands. Buying a couple of digital gift cards is a seamless process with GIFTA, and what you’ll end up with is a sparkling pot worth more than a second glance at. 

2. Host a contest - Gamifying a system is a sure-fire way to boost interaction and general interest, and combined with the power of some strategic hashtagging and social media? You’ve got a winning combo right in the bag. Not only are contests fun and exciting, but on your company’s end, they’re also one of the best ways to create buzz and generate traffic. For the prize, you can offer some of your company’s own products, major discounts, or digital gift cards as a fast and easy way that avoid devaluing your products. GIFTA’s swap cards offer the best possible value to your customers, and no matter what they’re into, they’re sure to find something that they’ll like with tons of different categories and brands to go with them. With possible adventures from Adrenaline and Redballoon and spa treatments at Endota Spas on offer, you can bet anyone would love it.

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$100 Gift Cards

3. Offer cashback promotions - Cashback promotions are some of the easiest ways to give back to your customers, and tons of companies have this method on retainer. A move as simple as offering a 10% cashback reward can go a long way in growing a loyal customer base that’ll keep coming back for more. A surprisingly simple way to edge your brand ahead of your competitors, cashback offers customers the incentive of receiving real money back for every amount they spend with your business, and you’d be surprised how effective this classic technique is – after all, there’s a reason it’s a marketing favourite.

4. Exclusive gifts when you spend a certain amount - Offering exclusive gifts once a certain amount has been spent isn’t only a great move because people love free things (as we’ve established). Offering bespoke gifts make your customers feel special and re-emphasise just how much they mean to your brand. Aside from being a pleasant surprise (and who doesn’t love surprises?), it’s sure to touch your customers and get them excited to spend with you next. Not to mention it’s not uncommon for people to post great gifts online and you’ll instantly get free marketing. Offer your customers fully customised bespoke promotional gift cards with GIFTA and be sure to add video and text messages to go with it.

5. Free gift – Don’t we all get a little excited whenever the restaurant throws in free chips or says drinks are on the house? The same concept applies everywhere– it’s nice being rewarded when you weren’t expecting it, and when you offer this to your customers, you’ll grow customer loyalty in no time. A small token of appreciation like a mini-sized version of your regular products, or novelty items like keychains and water bottles would do the trick. If you’re after a free gift that won’t break the bank, but that offers more flexibility and choice, then corporate gift cards would be perfect for you. With GIFTA, get swap cards for any category from fashion and entertainment to sports and technology, or get them all in a single card. The choice is up to you – and your customers.

GIFTA Swap Cards

GIFTA: The Seamless Solution for All Your Corporate Gift Card Needs

With tons of card options available from swap cards for specific categories to GIFTA’s ultimate swap card where the choice spreads across the board (seriously, redeem from Myers, Kathmandu and Amazon all at once – we won’t judge), corporate gift cards have never been easier or better than this. 

We aim to make setting up your corporate gift cards program as seamless as possible, and GIFTA’s gift cards can be sent instantly or scheduled for a later date, along with your own personalised “thank you” messages. Send and purchase digital gift cards right from your personalised corporate portal made just for you.

Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and click the “Create Instant Account” button to instantly get your corporate portal up and running. With a 24/7 support team at the ready to sort out any problems you might have, you’re fully set to make your digital gift card gifting a seamless reality. Click here for more information, we’re happy to help!

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